2 Major Benefits Of Upgrading To Hybrid Cloud Solutions

When businesses adopt cloud solutions, they usually have to decide whether to opt for a private or public cloud. But, as the business grows, it becomes evident that it could use both public and private clouds.

Hence, if you reach a point where your business needs to use private and public clouds, you should upgrade to a hybrid cloud solution. A hybrid cloud acts as a bridge between a company's private and public clouds, thus enabling the business to use both clouds simultaneously. 

Though hybrid cloud solutions are not standard, they provide various benefits for a business. Hence, if your company uses cloud technology, here are two reasons you should consider upgrading to a hybrid cloud approach. 

1. Better Flexibility and Scalability 

Private clouds get hosted on servers that are on the business's premises. But when the workload exceeds the capacity of a private cloud, a company may have to face delays. For instance, some workload has to wait for processing due to the lack of cloud capacity. Such a scenario reduces a business's operation productivity due to the delays. 

Furthermore, when the business needs to scale up its operations, the private cloud capacity acts as the scalability limit. Hence, a company can't scale up its cloud operations beyond its private cloud capacity. Therefore, if a business needs to scale beyond its private cloud's capacity, it must invest in more servers to expand the cloud capacity. 

But a hybrid cloud architecture can help your business solve the above problems. For instance, if your business's workload exceeds your private cloud capacity, you can shed some of the workloads on the public server. As a result, you won't have to incur delays due to a lack of cloud capacity. 

Also, if your private cloud limits your scalability, you can use the public cloud to scale up as much as you want. Hence, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars purchasing new servers to expand your private cloud capacity. 

2. Better Security

If your business uses a public cloud, your cloud services provider handles the security of your sensitive data. Yet, the cloud services provider rarely takes full responsibility if malicious activities such as hacking or data leaks occur. 

Thus, the best way to secure sensitive business data is to house it on a private cloud. But, you may still need access to a public cloud for workload shedding or scaling your operation. Hence, the only way to enjoy the benefits of having both clouds is via a hybrid cloud solution. 

A hybrid cloud solution safely lets you store your sensitive business data on your private cloud. Thus, only people on your business premises can access the sensitive data on your private cloud. 

However, a hybrid cloud also enables you to store less sensitive data on your public cloud. Thus, even if a cyber-attack were to occur on your public cloud servers, none of your sensitive business data would be compromised. 

Learn more about hybrid cloud solutions and how it can benefit you. 

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When businesses adopt cloud solutions, they usually have to decide whether to opt for a private or public cloud. But, as the business grows, it become