The Benefits Of Incorporating Lawyer Video Depositions In Court Proceedings

Many sectors have incorporated technology into their production processes. The legal industry is no different, with lawyers finding various uses for the technology. One such use is in conducting lawyer video depositions. Depositions are an integral part of the discovery phase of court proceedings. It allows attorneys to collect vital evidence from witnesses in sworn testimonies given out of court. Before, depositions were conducted in the presence of a court reporter who recorded everything the deponent said in a transcript. However, technological advancement renders court reporters unnecessary because attorneys can record and capture proceedings in video format to be used later. Below are a few benefits of lawyer video depositions and how they streamline an attorney's work.

Video Depositions Save on Costs

Lawyer video depositions are convenient and help attorneys significantly cut down on costs. Many complex cases need expert testimony from qualified witnesses to assist the courts in understanding complex disciplines and arriving at just conclusions. Attorneys usually have to spend a lot of money dealing with expert witnesses because they must be paid for their time. Thus, attorneys must find ways of cutting down expenses. For instance, attorneys can use lawyer video depositions to save on costs by avoiding expenses such as travel costs and accommodation. This is also important when attorneys have key witnesses outside the country. Attorneys can conveniently depose their witnesses and produce the tape in court.

They Ease Witness Preparation

Lawyer video depositions may also be used to prepare defendants and witnesses for the stand. Attorneys understand how essential it is to conduct witness preparation before going to court. Witness preparation is important because it provides attorneys with much-needed insight into the witness's demeanor, conduct, and trustworthiness before putting them on the stand. Usually, witnesses are a little more forthcoming with information when put before a camera for deposition. The witnesses are likely to give straightforward and reliable information that attorneys use to build the case. Moreover, witnesses are less likely to lie as they are under oath and on record. Furthermore, attorneys can easily point out contradictions and even playback specific sections of the deposition if need be.

They Can Influence Court Outcomes

Listening to someone speak on video is better than reading a transcript because many things get lost in translation. Attorneys usually rely on lawyer video depositions because they are quite impactful. Reading a deposition transcript in court does not give the jury the full context and emotion behind the words, which is crucial. Thus, attorneys should consider using lawyer video depositions to guarantee that jurors watch and listen to witnesses themselves deliver testimony under oath and on record.

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