NSX Migrations to Improve the Speed and Security of Your Business Infrastructure

The security of your business network is important and relies on data that is stored on data center servers. It is also important to have fast and scalable solutions, which can be limited with older system designs. Therefore, you may be considering migrating to NSX-T to improve the infrastructure your business uses every day. The following information will help you perform a seamless NSX migration for your business's systems:

Discussing the Options for Migration

Before you begin any type of migration for business infrastructure, the project needs to be well-planned. This is also true if you are migrating from an existing Virtual network to an NSX-T system for your network workloads. You want to discuss options like migrating new workloads or moving the entire infrastructure to the new system at once.

Designing and Building the NSX-T Systems

The new systems that you are planning on using for your business can be designed according to your specific needs. When you are doing an NSX-T migration, there are some special features that you may want to consider. These features can include automation solutions that help adapt the network to the needs of your business in real-time. There are also options for cloud services that can keep your business running around the clock.

Beginning to Migrate New Workloads

As soon as the NSX-T infrastructure is ready, new workloads can use the new systems. This will give you flexibility and allow you to start taking advantage of the capabilities of the new systems. You may want to schedule new projects around the migration to NSX-T. This will give you time to ensure the systems are properly set up and allow you to test the systems as new workloads are migrated to the new infrastructure.

Completing and Maintaining the NSX-T Migration

There may be some existing information and products that are still using the old systems. This data can be migrated to the new systems as soon as they are completed and have been tested. The old data can be moved to the new NSX-T systems gradually to avoid interruptions to services and lose access to data while the migration to the new system is being done. These systems will be easier to maintain with automation. The IT service that does the migration can help with the maintenance like patching software and updating the systems when needed.  

The migration of your business systems to NSX-T will improve your infrastructure security, speed, and capabilities. Contact an NSX migration service to start planning these upgrades to your networks.

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