A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Implementing An Automated Warehouse Picking System

Picking and packing are the two tasks within a warehouse setting that take up the majority of the time and make up for the majority of the work being done by employees. Implementing an automated warehouse picking system can simplify the picking process. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of these systems.

Pro: Increase productivity in your warehouse. 

Obviously, the number one advantage of integrating an automated warehouse picking system is the fact that it can help boost the daily productivity levels of your place of business. This is the biggest reason why warehouse business owners consider integrating some form of automation into the workflow. The automated picking systems available today make use of robotic technology and streamlined picking processes for actual employees, both of which can greatly enhance the rate at which products are picked. 

Con: Investment cost comes along with implementing new technology. 

With every type of new technology implemented into the warehouse workplace, there is going to be some kind of investment cost. Technological advancements do tend to cost more; therefore, automated warehouse picking systems can be a substantial investment. The return on investment with upped production quickly pays for the investment cost, however.

Pro: Automated warehouse picking systems negate mistakes during the picking process. 

No matter how good a human may be at their job or how much training they have had, it is still possible for them to make a mistake. Automated picking systems are specifically created to negate the number of human errors associated with manual picking processes. Even though human input is still involved with most systems, it is far less likely that they will pick the wrong item. 

Con: Automated warehouse picking systems require some employee training. 

When a new system is deployed within your warehouse, you can expect that there will be some level of training involved for employees to grow accustomed to working with the new systems. Every automated picking system can be different, and some will require more human input than others. Therefore, brief training should be expected with every system.

Pro: Reap the advantages of an easy-to-use system. 

Even though some level of training is to be anticipated with a new automated warehouse picking system, these systems are usually easy to use once the brief training period has concluded. Employees that are tasked with working alongside or with these systems have an easier time navigating through picking processes.

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